Buying with Austin

With over 18,000 local agents, why do so many people choose to buy their next home with me?


I know what’s happening in your local real estate market. Are you making a good investment? Is it the best time to buy based on your financial health? I can be your best friend, and I’ll also tell you truth even if it may be something you don’t want to hear. I keep it real!


I have experience. With the number of families I’ve helped purchase their next home, I know how to handle the grit of the home buying process. Because I also work with sellers, I know what they’re thinking (and it never hurts to know what the other side is thinking).


I negotiate hard. When it comes to navigating your local real estate market, I know how to negotiate the best price. When we find ourselves in a bidding war? I’ve got the strategies that puts you inside your dream home.


I help you more than just buying a home. Trust me, I understand the home buying process can be a stressful one. That’s why I have a fulltime list of preferred vendors from lawyers, mortgage officers, lenders, electricians, plumbers, general contractors and more.


I get it! I live where I work and I, myself, as an agent, HATE high pressure sales techniques and BS. Most of my clients have a solid understanding of what it takes to purchase a home. I assist professionals who take their home purchase extremely seriously. My clients keep me at the top of my game, on top of my market, and on top of their mind.


I strive to be the best resource for my clients. They deserve the very best during their home buying process…and that’s what they’ll get. The very best.