Why Everybody is an Entrepreneur

Why Everybody is an Entrepreneur

In 2017, you’ll find a good portion of individuals who have “entrepreneur” in their social media profile. Some of them are individuals we know personally and we’ve all had that “dude, you’re not an entrepreneur, you have a job” thought to ourselves as we scroll through their profile. I find it funny how many individuals now have “Entrepreneur” and “Public Figure” in their profile descriptions. I find it even funnier that I, myself, was one of those individuals who had “Entrepreneur” in their profile knowing damn well I was working at a job I wanted to quit. That was a few years ago and after all, “speak it into existence”, right?


It wasn’t until I became an entrepreneur, that I realized, being an entrepreneur SUCKS!


Before you digest that last statement, let me make one thing clear – I wouldn’t trade the entrepreneur life for anything else in this world, I will, in fact, forever be an entrepreneur.


You know what makes entrepreneurship not fun? It isn’t like the social media profiles. It isn’t all traveling, money, shoes, and cars. While these things are definitely the highlights, you can obtain these things whether you’re an entrepreneur or not.


It’s all work. 24 hours, 7 days a week. Even when you’re not working, you’re constantly thinking of new ways to grow your business. You never fully take a day off, and I love it, but that’s not the point of this article.


The point is, everybody is their own Entrepreneur.


Yes! The retiree collecting social security, the individual on welfare, and easily the salaried employee – all are entrepreneurs.


The purpose of this article is to challenge the common way we think about entrepreneurship.


Everybody does run their own business. It’s just that it’s the business of TIME and not necessarily a product or service.


What you do with that time will either give you the results you’re looking for or not. Simple.


While the debate of Salaried vs. Self-employed will go on until kingdom come, there will always be pros and cons to each career choice. However, if the individual is being continuously challenged to grow professionally and add value to those around them, they will inevitably increase their net worth.


Last time I checked, in America, even under Trump’s rule, we’re not born into a caste system. We have choices about who we want to be, where we want to work, what type of job we want to have, and what type of lifestyle we want. That in itself is running your business of time.


Us millennials know our worth. Although we may not feel like it all the time, there are more than enough opportunities that are out there for us to continue to grow. There are no more reasons to stay at a company for 25 years and work your way up. While longevity can surely help with the sharpening of your craft, it’s no longer the necessity. Move from opportunity to opportunity if you have to in order to continue to professionally develop into the individual you need to be in order to accomplish your goals. If you career choice doesn’t offer that, then you leave.


That’s a big concept of entrepreneurship; going after as many opportunities as possible.


You don’t need to be an entrepreneur to go after as many opportunities as possible, but you will need enough time to do so. Run your business of time efficiently; you don’t get any more.


Social media has glamorized entrepreneurship so much that everybody thinks this is the only way out. Nowhere near. While technology and social media have empowered us to go out and start businesses, not everybody is great at entrepreneurship. After all, if everybody was, then we’d have no employees to help run the business. It just doesn’t work.


It doesn’t matter which career you have or where you are in life.


Where you are isn’t necessarily who you are.


The more important question is, “How are you spending your time” ?

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